Blog Maintenance

It’s raw.

I’ll extract and summaries the whole thing later.

So now it’ll be the ‘refleksi’ time~

(I forgot to write one for last week..uhu…)
It’s a funfilling experience.
I get to use my learnt experienced from
which I’ve been using as I always get online.
The html tips really help me.

WordPress is a bit complicate than blogspot which I’ve been
using before.There’s a lot of widgets which I could add in m blog page.

I can’t understand a bit about the my pic or gravatar.
But I can use imagshack or photobucket to upload my pictures.
But I’m used to imageshack because it doesn’t require me to log in.
Logins take time.

It’s fun too put pictures in your posts.
I’d put to attract readers.
But sadly,none of my friend had ever visited my page.

Can I put medias like audio or videos in it too?
I’s unable to upload them coz those avi,wav formats aren’t supported.
I’m going to subscribe or upgrade if I want to upload these files,
but it’ll cost some dollars.